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The story of Au Virage bed & breakfast really begins in 1930 when Lucie Duval De Sève, the wife of Alfred F.-X. De Sève, who died a few months before, buys the southern portion of lot 392. Previously, she had already acquired neighboring lots to the north and east (see Map 3). Mr. De Sève was a men's clothing merchant on Main Street and clerk of the Stanstead District Circuit Court. They lived on Abbott Street diagonally with the cottage to the northeast.

At this time, the southern portion of lot 392 is still vacant. It probably serves as a playground for De Sève children. The building that now houses the cottage Au Virage was built in all likelihood, around 1937 or 1938. Indeed, the evaluation role of the city of Magog in 1936 shows that there is no building on the southern part of lot 392. However, the 1939 version shows that there is a building valued at $ 4,500 ($ 63,600 today). The 1937 and 1938 assessment rolls are not available. We can not formally establish the year of construction. However, we know the De Sève family's use of this building. All indications are that she has been using it for several years, since it is a duplex and the family lives in a luxurious house on Abbott Street.

Pascal Bolduc, owner